Strategic Planning

2022 - 2024 Strategic Plan 

The West Fargo Public Library has a new plan for the future.

“Strategic planning” sounds fancy – but our goal in developing our new plan was simple. We knew we needed to understand the whole West Fargo community and devise a plan that focused on the unique ways library services can support the needs, goals, and values of West Fargo residents. Hundreds of survey and interview responses gathered throughout 2020 and 2021 drive our plan for the future.

View the West Fargo Public Library 2022 - 2024 Strategic Plan. We are excited about the new directions that this plan represents and the opportunities we have to impact wellbeing and quality of life in West Fargo.

Mission: Why We Exist

As a civic resource, the West Fargo Public Library's mission is to provide equitable access to resources and opportunities so that residents can achieve their goals, explore their passions and develop social connections. 

Vision: How We See The Future

We envision a library whose services ensure that every person has resources and opportunities to learn, meet, share, read, play and create.

What We're Striving For

2022-2024 Community Goals

  1. Parents have services for their families in close and convenient locations in order to maximize the library resources available to them.
  2. Children birth to age five develop literacy and social skills that ensure they are ready for Kindergarten. 
  3. Teens develop personal interests, build life skills and gain real-world experiences that ensure they are confident and prepared for their futures. 
  4. Everyone will have services and resources in which they see themselves represented, in order to feel welcome and take full advantage of what is available at the library.