K-9 Unit

The West Fargo Police Department has four officers and their canine partners assigned to this specialized unit. The K-9s handle all areas of regular patrol work, but are available for specialized roles such as: 

  • Burglary or robbery response
  • Crime in-progress calls
  • Area and building searches
  • Vehicle and narcotic searches
  • Tracking and apprehension of fleeing suspects
  • Searching for lost persons
  • Community engagement opportunities
  • Comfort dog capabilities

The K-9 Unit goes through ongoing training to maintain and improve skills. Some of the dogs are cross-trained to specialize in more than one area. The West Fargo Police Department currently has one German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois cross, one Belgian Malinois, one Dutch Shepherd and a Labrador mix. When not at work, the K-9s live with their handlers and are a part of their families. 

K-9 Thor

Handler: Officer Matthew Oldham
Breed: German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois
Age: 18-months old
Country of origin: United States

K-9 Thor Headshot (png)

K-9 Hondo

Handler: Officer Brock Ackerman
Breed: Belgian Malinois
Age: 19-months old
Country of origin: Netherlands

K9 Hondo (PNG)

K-9 ToSti

Handler: Officer Ben Orr
Breed: Dutch Shepherd
Age: 7 years old
Country of origin: Holland

K9 Tosti (PNG)

K-9 Bella

Handler: School Resource Officer Todd Pearson
Breed: Labrador mix
Age: 14-month old 
Country of origin: United States

West Fargo PD - K-9 Bella (png)