Citywide Concrete Repair Project

Current Schedule Information:

In Progress:

  • AREA B
  • AREA C
  • AREA D
  • AREA E
  • AREA F
  • AREA G on 26th Ave E
    • 23rd Ave E remains open
  • AREA H
  • AREA I 
  • AREA K


  • Work in AREA J will begin Oct. 10


  • AREA A

*Dates tentative and subject to change
*Work in each area will take approximately 2 to 4 weeks for completion. 
*Click into map to zoom and expand 

Work Areas

AREA Approximate Location
A 9th St. NW from Main Ave. to 12th Ave. NW
B 3rd Ave. NW and 1st Ave. NW from 26th St. NW to 21st St. NW
C Main Ave. W from 19th St. E to 17th St. E
D 7th Ave. E from 9th St. E to 17th St. E
E 13th Ave. W from 8th St. W to Sheyenne St.
F E Beaton Dr. from Veteran’s Blvd. to W Beaton Dr. 
G 3rd Ave. E from 6th St. E to Bluestem Dr. E
Intersection of 4th St. E and 26th Ave. E
7th St. E from 31st Ave. E to 26th Ave. S
H Intersection of 31st Ave. E and Bluestem Dr. E
32nd Ave. E from 4th St. E and Veteran’s Blvd.
I 4th St. E from 35th Ave. E to 40th Ave. S
J 9th St. W from Mulberry Ln. to 47th Ave. W
K 9th St. W from Albert Dr. W to 8th St. W