Business Security

Crime Prevention

Burglary is a crime of opportunity. Empty homes, apartments, and condos can be targets for opportunistic criminals. Residents are reminded of the following safety tips: 

  • Lock it. Ensure your car doors and all doors to your business are kept locked. 
  • Light it. Leave exterior lights on at night or utilize motion detecting lights. 
  • Hide it. Keep valuables out of sight. 
  • Close it. Keep any garage doors or exterior entrances closed and double-check it is closed at night. 
  • Report it. Report all criminal and suspicious activity immediately.

Voluntary Security Camera Registration Program

The West Fargo Police Department has launched a voluntary security camera registration program. 

  • Community members and business owners with security cameras, video doorbells and similar systems can register to inform the West Fargo Police Department of the presence of private surveillance systems that may assist officers investigating criminal activity in the area.
  • When a crime is committed near an address with a registered security camera system, officers from the West Fargo Police Department may contact the registered participant and request to see any available video. 
  • Participants registered in the program can determine whether or not to share their video with police at any time. 
  • Enrollment in this program does not grant the West Fargo Police Department direct access or control over any privately-owned cameras or security systems.  
  • Those who wish to register their security cameras can easily register through the West Fargo Police Department’s website.  

Door Locks

  • The strongest are deadbolt locks with a minimum one inch throw bolt with a saw-resistant steel insert. 
  • Attach the strike plate to the door frame with four inch screws. 
  • The double cylinder deadbolt lock requires a key from both sides, preventing a burglar from breaking glass in the door and turning the knob from the inside.


  • Doors that swing out have hinges on the outside that can be easily removed by burglars.


  • Look for sturdy padlocks that do not release they key until the padlock is closed. 
  • The padlock should be case-hardened with a 3/8" shackle to resist repeated smashing. 

Door Construction

  • Burglars can kick in a poorly constructed door. 
  • Replace hollow core doors with solid core doors, or strengthen the existing ones with metal sheets. 
  • Replace weak door frames, or reinforce them with steel or concrete. Protect glass in the door with steel bars or mesh; or place a polycarbonate sheet over the glass on the inside.

Key Control

  • Label keys with a code indicating back door, receiving door, display case, etc.
  • Engrave "Do Not Duplicate" on all keys. 
  • Restrict key access to your most trusted employees. 
    • Maintain a log to record removal and return.
    • Consider having locks re-keyed when an employee leaves your business.

False Alarms

If you suspect a burglary

  • Don't go in - the burglar may still be inside.
  • Don't open for business.
  • Call police immediately.

Business Registry

The West Fargo Police Department keeps a record of the emergency contact information for West Fargo businesses. Please call (701) 515-5500 to provide your business contact information.