Start or Stop Utility Service

Starting Services: Moving In

If you need to set up utilities and services, please complete the Utility Service Application and indicate "move in." This online application is used to set up the billing account and provides checkpoints to detect the warning signs of identity theft. This application also allows residents to sign up for emailed billing statements and to set up recurring, automatic bank account payments.

We recommend saving a copy of the completed Utility Service Application to your computer before submitting it.


Canceling Services: Moving Out

To stop services please complete the Utility Service Move Out Application  and select "move out." You will need to provide your forwarding address, closing date or moving date, and the new property owner's name if selling a property.

If you do not complete this step, the bill will remain in your name and be your responsibility to pay.


Emailed Statements

If you would like your monthly bill emailed to you instead of mailed, please email us and provide your preferred email address along with your service address.