Sump Pump Program

Sump pumps are vital in helping protect our homes from heavy rain and localized flooding. The City of West Fargo has several regulations for sump pumps homeowners need to be aware of.

Documents & Descriptions

Where to discharge sump pumps

October 15 through April 15

Residents who plan to discharge their sump pumps indoors into the sanitary sewer system in the winter must complete the Sump Pump Variance form. Once residents complete the form, they are able to discharge their sump pump water indoors between October 15 to April 15 each year. The cost is $5 per month and will be added to your monthly utility bill.

If you choose to remove your residence from the sump pump program you will need to verify that you no longer have a sanitary sewer connection to your sump pump. To do this, please fill out the Sump Pump Fee Waiver Certification Form

Those who do not purchase a variance must continue to discharge their sump pump outside, but must not discharge onto sidewalks or streets as to avoid causing safety hazards such as ice dams. 

After April 15 each year, all sump pumps must discharge outside. 

To sign up for the variance, fill out the Sump Pump Variance Form.

April 15 through October 15

All sump pumps in West Fargo must have switched their sump pump to discharge outside beginning April 15. This regulation includes properties with sump pump variances for winter months. 

Discharging your sump pump outdoors helps to ensure the sanitary sewer system does not get overwhelmed during storms with heavy rains. This can lead to sewage backup in properties.

Sump Pump Hose Placement

It is very important that the sump pump water, diverted outside, drains away from the building to prevent any re-circulation. The City recommends coordinating with neighbors to ensure sump pump water isn’t causing problems for anyone. Most problems can be resolved by simply moving hoses and diverting water to a different area.

Additionally, sump pump drainage hoses cannot cross sidewalks or be placed in a way that allows the water to pool on sidewalks. Hoses should also not discharge into the street in the winter months. Both of these scenarios are safety hazards and considered illegal in the City of West Fargo.

Trenching your sump pump hose into the ground, under the sidewalk and to the curb, is a popular way to hide the sump pump hose and discharge water to the street and is allowed by the City of West Fargo from April 15 to October 15. To begin this project, contact the City for a residential civil site permit. No fee is required for the permit, but any damage done to the sidewalk or curb during the project must be repaired by the homeowner and inspected by the City to ensure it meets specifications.