Additional Permits / Licenses Required

Below you will find a list of additional permits, licenses or other conditions that may be required for your event. Please note that it is not necessary to have all permits approved upon submission of this application; however, applicants must have all permits and fees paid and approved prior to the start of the event.

Authorization to Use a City Park

Public events being held within a City Park require authorization and use of picnic shelters and neighborhood recreation facilities must be reserved. Please contact West Fargo Park District at (701) 433-5360 for additional information.

Event Exhibitors & Operators

North Dakota law requires that exhibitors register to collect North Dakota sales tax, provide a written statement that no taxable items are being sold, or provide a written statement indicating that they qualify for the isolated and occasional sales exemption.

Health Department Permit

All food vendors in conjunction with special events must apply for a temporary food permit through Fargo Cass Public Health. Please contact Fargo Cass Public Health at (701) 241-1360 for additional information.

Portable Sign Permit

Any person, firm or entity displaying a portable sign within the City of West Fargo must obtain a permit. A portable sign permit is granted for a period of up to 14 continuous days, with vehicles and equipment that display signage granted for a period of up to three consecutive days. Please contact the Planning Office at (701) 515-5000 for additional information.

Special Event Liquor License

Any sale of alcohol within the City of West Fargo requires a special event liquor license issued by the City and in some cases an additional permit from the State of ND. Please contact the Licensing Specialist's Office at (701) 515-5000 for additional information.

Tent Permit

A fire prevention permit is required for all high-hazard occupancy structures such as tents, canopies, and temporary membrane structures. Please contact the West Fargo Fire Department at (701) 515-5600 for additional information.