How do I pay a traffic ticket/citation?

Traffic tickets issued by a West Fargo police officer can be paid either in person or by mailing payment to the West Fargo Municipal Court (800 Fourth Ave. E., Suite 2, West Fargo, ND  58078). Payment is accepted through check, cash, money order, or credit card Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please make checks payable to West Fargo Municipal Court. AMEX is not accepted.

Payments made through the mail MUST have a stamp or payment will not be received. Payments made through the mail should also include citation or name of defendant clearly written. If not, payment will not be accepted and could result in suspension of Driver’s License. 

You have 14 days from issuance date to pay your citation before further action is taken?

If you have questions regarding a traffic ticket, please contact the Municipal Court.

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